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GSI Outdoors Personal Javapress - Coffee Press and Mug in one package!


Product information

The GSI Personal Javapress for Coffee on the go!
Personal and portable, this 2-piece mug and press is lightweight and compact due to its unique nesting design. The insulated personal press brews two cups of fresh coffee (or tea), one to get you going and one for the road.
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The GSI Java Press (30oz) is a portable French Press style coffee maker that lets you enjoy great coffee on the move.

Its split-ring plunger design virtually eliminates coffee ‘blow-by’ for the most flavourful, mud-free coffee.

The double-walled, insulated lid holds in heat while brewing and serving, while the insulating EVA sleeve (with integrated webbing handle) can be removed easily for cleaning.

The GSI Java Press' Crystal-clear, BPA-Free Carafe is lightweight and shatter-resistant, allowing you to enjoy French Press coffee anywhere.

30 fl. oz. (approx. 887ml)
Weight: 10.3oz
Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.2" x 7.7"
Material: Co-polyester

Technical specifications

Brand: GSI Outdoors
Condition: New


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