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Julbo Camino Mountain Sunglasses with Range of Frames and Lenses


Product information

Letting your footsteps and eyes lead you, whether it’s walking to Compostela, taking the legendary Stevenson Trail or trekking around Mont Blanc... Long-distance trails offer freedom and slow pleasures, with the focus firmly on discovery and observation. Julbo has invented an essential, light and functional piece of kit for trekkers. With ultra-wide coverage, Camino offers faultless protection so you can go all the way.

Lens options:

Spectron 3 CF (Cat 3 Lens with a Colour Film finish) polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and highly impact-resistant.
13% visible light transmission is practical for a huge range of lighting conditions.

Spectron 4: Anti-reflective coating: improves visual comfort by eliminating stray reflections.

Flash finish: improves visible light filtering with mirror effect lenses. It reflects the rays of light and increases the filter effect. It eliminates the radiation reflected by the outer mirrored surface of the lens.

Light but with excellent shock resistance, this versatile lens is suitable for all types of sports activities.


Technical specifications

Brand: Julbo


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